Class 3- DT- Food
22 Jan 2021
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Class 3- DT- Food

22 Jan 2021

Design Technology
Over the next 3 weeks, in Class 3, we will be looking at a Food Technology unit. We will do this on a Thursday, as one of the suggested afternoon sessions. Unfortunately those children in school won’t be able to do these in school due to PE that afternoon and current COVID guidelines around sharing resources and distancing, but they could do them at home if they want and if you are able to fit them in.
 In order to try to make this as easy as I can I want to give you the recipes we will be doing for the 3 weeks and try to provide alternatives in case you can’t get the ingredients. If there is a different recipe you have which makes a similar meal to one I have suggested then please use that. I don’t want anyone to stress about this or think they need to do an extra shopping trip. I have tried to provide a choice of recipes in the hope that your child and family may like one of the options and so not only will the food not go to waste but also they will have made a meal and save someone from making one meal that day!! I have shown the objectives below so  if you do wish to make something different if you were able to pick something that focused on the technique/area we are looking at that would be even better!!
The objectives we are aiming to cover in this unit are
§ To understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet. (This links to the Science with Mrs Lewis)
§ To prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques. These include peeling, chopping, slicing, grating, mixing, baking and kneading.
§To  understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed. (We will look at this on the afternoons as well as cooking the recipes)
Week 1 (25/1/21)- This week we are focusing on chopping, peeling, slicing and grating. We will think about where the food has come from and seasonality.
The children could make one of the following options-
Vegetable soup  -t-tp-2548981-winter-warmer-vegetable-soup_ver_3.pdf-  


Fruit salad
Week 2 (1/2/21)- The Great British Bread Off- Focus on how flour is made, kneading, mixing and baking.
The children can make any type of bread they want. -t-t-20249-bread-recipe-sheet-_ver_4.pdf-  
They could make pizza dough and make a pizza.   -t2-e-4628-awesome-pizza-recipe-english.pdf-  
Week 3 (8/2/21)- Making a meal- Using a variety of skills and thinking about where our food comes from.
The children could make one of the following options-
Chilli -T-T-14316-Chilli-Recipe-Cards.pdf-  
Stir fry
Chicken Chow Mein -t-t-15638-chicken-chow-mein-recipe-cards-_ver_1.pdf-  
Here are some other recipes if you love baking and cooking.  -t-m-31778-simple-recipes_ver_4.pdf-  

If you cannot do these recipes please don’t worry, if you can do a different recipe that is fine and if it is just not possible please don’t worry. 

Miss Rogers
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