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Class 4 Thursday 16th July 2020

13 Jul 2020

Good Morning new Class 3, we hope you are all doing okay and are having a good week so far. Please don't forget if you want to share your work with us then email it to We will share would love to see what you have been up to.
Guess who? (Email me for the answers or I will post them on the website tomorrow)
 One of your teachers has a fear of escalators.
One of your classmates has a brother called Jack and likes Lego.
One of your teachers shares a birthday with Mrs Acheson and Mr Breckon, from Grewelthorpe School.
One of your classmates likes pizza and playing cricket. He has a brother called Tom.
One of your classmates has a big sister. She enjoys going on her hoverboard and her favourite food is chilli.
One of your classmates has a big brother and a big sister. He enjoys farming, he helps his mum and dad on the farm and he likes chocolate.


Treasure hunt!
Let's do another Scavenger Hunt today. Today's theme is to find things that are fluffy

Can you try and find more than 10 things that are fluffy. Please write a list, draw pictures, or gather them all together and take a picture to show us all your finds. Send them into us at

Times Tables

Today we are going to do some more Times Table practise. The link for today’s maths game is below, press the number of the times table you want to practise and then click on the ‘drag’ option. Once the game loads you have to drag the question onto the correct answer. Remember try to practise a times table you need to work on rather than one you already know really well.



 Some of you are really close to reaching your target on Accelerated Reader. You have worked so hard, don’t stop now! You have just 1 day left to earn points for this half term so keep it up!

Remember 30 minutes each day if you can! Try and keep up with your reading over the summer too. 

Keeping Active! 
Today's active task needs you to plan it first, we would like you to create your own obstacle course. Use things in your garden or from round your house. Can you go over, under and round different objects? What else can you add to your course?
If you need some inspiration think back to our Sports Days what challenges did we have there? Once you have made your own course test it out, maybe you could get someone else to have a go too.
You could ask your mum or dad to film you doing it, or you could draw your obstacle course design and send it to the class email.

Time to relax...
It is important to take time each day to look after our minds, just like we look after our bodies. Today’s mindful tasks are linked below, there are 8 cards, you don’t need to do them all. Just choose the ones you want to do. They each take around a minute, so maybe you could do a few of the cards at different points during the day.


Worry Monster  
We are thinking about our new class and about next year in school and whilst we hope this is an exciting thought. For some of us thinking about being in school next year might make us feel a mixture of feelings. If you are feeling worried about anything know that it is okay and we want you to share this with us. Adults worry too,  I know I am worried about leaving Daisy for the first time but I know that we will all look after each other and I am also excited to get back to school and teach you guys. 

Today we would like you to design a 'Worry Monster' and write around it the different feelings you have when thinking about next year. Try to discuss these with your adults at home. If you don't want to design and draw your own moster there are some monster templates below. There  is also a link to a 'bag of concerns' where you can write your concerns in the bag and around the edge maybe you could write how or when you will feel better.

  -My Bag of Concerns.docx-  



Yesterday's work

Book Reviews
Slide Show 

 Other Work
Slide Show 


Keep going, keep working hard and always look after those around you. We can't wait to see you all in September!!



Miss Rogers and Mrs Lewis



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