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22 Apr 2020

How to find new books that are on the AR scheme

When your child reads within their ZPD range in AR, it enables them to gain reading confidence, build fluency and understanding through reading books at the correct level. Therefore, we would encourage them to continue doing this if it is possible. To help you to do this, we have collected some suggestions for how to find books at home that are on the AR scheme and have quizzes available! (Best of all, these suggestions are mostly free!)


Home Books

The first place to look is your bookshelves at home. Using the website “arbookfinder” you can find out if the books you have at home are on the AR scheme and what level they are.

If the books you have are a little below your child’s ZPD, they will just be a bit easy. If the book is high in their ZPD or just above your child can still read them, but give them a bit more support to check they are following the events of the story and understand the words being used.


This is a website full of AR reading books:
It is easy to use – simply browse the book categories and choose a book. Then check its details using the I tab at the top, and you can see if the books are in AR. The quiz number is also there ready for you after reading.

 Collins Big Cat E-readers

This educational publisher has kindly given free access to over 330 of their reading books. Simply use the login details below to gain access. Not all of the books are on the AR scheme, but those that are can be found in this Big Cat reading list document.

Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk Password: Parents20! 


This website has again given free access to its reading content during this time. Some of this content is again linked to AR and will enable you to finds books within your child’s ZPD.
A generous teacher has produced this list of books quizzable on AR if you follow this link: https://www.getepic.com/collection/9707059/accelerated-reader-books-uk?source=swtlink&fbclid=IwAR3tLiFV2XptN8v4wMxkYXyZLswXuJHKGsSxO4wIV5X76r3mGHS0x6DOhKk
To access the books, visit the website and create a free parent account for 30 days.

Oxford Owl

This is another educational publisher who have offered their resources for free during this time. Follow the link below and register as a parent to gain access to them.
To find the books on this website that are suitable for your children’s ZPD take a look at this  Document Oxford Owl AR 


 Book Trust


The book trust has a number of books that are available on their website which are on AR. Check using the trusty “arbookfinder” website to see which ones are quizzable and if they are within your child’s ZPD. (Remember your child should really be doing the reading so you may need to turn off the sound.)

 Other Ideas

All of the above offer free access to many hundreds of books that are on the AR scheme.
The arbookfinder website can also help if you are able to purchase books electronically. You can use the site to search for books that are at a particular level. E.g. You could search for books at a level 5.3. The site then gives you a list of possibilities that you can review and maybe purchase through your kindl app etc.
We hope this list gives you plenty of choices. If you run into any difficulties, please do contact us and we will do our best to help!

Useful Documents: 

Oxford Owl Reading books linked to AR
Collins Big Cat E-Readers linked to AR 
Reference Document -where to find AR books


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