English - Reading and Phonics

07 May 2019

English Rationale
Our Federation believes that a high-quality English curriculum, which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge, will give our children the skills they need to flourish in all areas of the curriculum and in life beyond education.

We teach children how to read fluently with good understanding; how to write and communicate ideas coherently for a range of audiences and purposes; and the art or oracy.
Our English curriculum has high quality literature at its heart. This allows children to develop a wide range of vocabulary, as well as delve into and appreciate our rich literacy heritage. With literature at the heart of what we do, it means we develop avid, intelligent and capable readers, as well as thoughtful, confident and engaging writers. 
Reading Rationale 


Our Federation believes that reading is a fundamental life skill which allows pupils to access the whole curriculum as well as the world around them. Reading is central to our ability to understand, interpret and communicate with each other as well as with society in which we live. We are dedicated and determined to ensure that our pupils have the skills they need to become independent and reflective readers across a wide range of literature and text types.
Quality teaching of early reading is essential for pupils to develop competence, fluency and automaticity when decoding and recognising familiar and unfamiliar words.
We are committed to developing positive attitudes towards reading, and so reading for pleasure is at the heart of what we do. This begins in Early Years with the use of songs, rhymes, book sharing and continues on through school with the use of stimulating and challenging reading materials. We have a language rich curriculum to ensure that pupils are immersed in high-quality vocabulary from the start.    

If you would like to read our Reading policy, you will find it below. 

  -Federation Reading Policy.doc-

Accelerated Reader 
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading system that we use in school. All children from Year 1 up to Year 6 use this 
system. It is proved to be a very effective system for motivating children and ensuring good progress in reading, and we love it! 

Click on the link below to find out more about our wonderful reading scheme.

  -Accelerated Reader Parent Leaflet.pdf-  


Phonics Rationale

Our Federation believes that the teaching of phonics is vital in order for children to become competent readers and writers. High quality phonic teaching secures the crucial skills of word recognition that once mastered enables children to read fluently and automatically. Once children are fluent readers, they are able to comprehend the meaning of the text.

If you would like to read our phonics policy, you will find it below.

  -Federation Phonics Policy.doc-  


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