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18 Jan 2022

Work for Wednesday the 19th to Friday the 21st of January



  -20.01 counting in 5s.pdf-  

  -Counting in 5s.pptx-  

  -21.01 counting in 5s to multiply.pdf-  


Listen to the story Giraffes Can't Dance again. Can you hear the rhyme, see if you can clap everytime you hear two words that rhyme. 


Last week, we began to annotate pictures with rhyming words. Can you remember any that you can use to write a sentence with rhyme for the story Giraffes Can't Dance. 


  -Phonics home learning.pptx-  



Look at the map, begin with near the equator and work outwards to the north and south pole. Give children an idea of the climate near and far away from the equator. Give children the names of countries near the equator.

Label the map, using the key words then colour the map in using blues and reds to show how hot or cold the countries are.

  -Labelling map.docx-  


Our big question is who is a Muslim and what do they believe? 
This week, we are looking at how Muslim's worship. Prayer is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and therefore very important. Before praying, a muslim completes Wudu, use the PowerPoint to find out about this.

  -Wudu .pptx-  

  -Wudu order the steps.pdf-  

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