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New Reading Books!

18 Nov 2021

New Reading Books!
On Tuesday, we were all very excited to start reading the lovely new reading books that have just been delivered to school. We really enjoy reading in Class 2, and everyone has been working hard to improve their reading skills. We hope that our new reading books will help us to get even better at reading!

Meanwhile, we celebrated that some of our Year Two children have now progressed onto the Accelarated Reading scheme. They will also be accessing a new choice of books as they will now choose from the AR bookshelves.

Further information about the new reading scheme can be found here:   

  -Supporting your child with reading class page 19.11.21 .pdf-  

In groups, we have read our new book, with an adult, three times this week. We have enjoyed reading and working together on the book. We are looking forward to sharing this book when we bring it home, in our homework packs.
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In Maths, we have been revising our work on addition and subtraction. We have been using lots of resources to answer our questions. We have learnt that equipment such as base 10, numicon, multilink cubes, number squares and number lines can help us to complete our number sentences.
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 In phonics, we have been looking at split digraphs. The children are very enthusiatic about their learning in phonics and are showing excellent progress. On Thursday, they enjoyed the session so much they asked if they could learn more which was lovely!
This week, we have learnt a-e, i-e, o-e and u-e

In English, we have continued our work on Meerkat Mail by looking at the characters. The children have written some lovely descriptions of the Sunny, the main character. They have been looking at new adjectives to decribe Sunny's apperance and personality. However, our focus has been on sentence formation. The year ones have been trying very hard to use capital letters and full stops. The year twos have been trying to use conjunctions to extend their

Finally, in science we have had a fantastic time. The children have looked at food chains and they have made some truly fantastic habitat dioramas. 
We investigated what a food chain was, we found out that it is shows how plants and animals get energy and how this is transferred. 
After, we looked at examples of food chains before making one of own. We classified the animals and plants into producer, consumer and predator.
On Thursday, we had a great afternoon making dioramas. The children thought about why each habitat was special and its key features. We used examples to help support the making of of shoebox diorama. The children decided which habitat they wanted to make then split off into groups. 
Lots of paint, glue and mess later... they made a jungle, a polar region, grasslands, an ocean and a desert. 
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On Friday, for children in need, the children looked great in their colourful clothes.  The children started their day with a Joe Wicks live fitness session, shortly followed by their sponsored walk (which they ran). We had a coloruing in competition which was judged by school council.Our winners were Hugo, Lexi, Duncan and Isaac D, well done all of you! In the afternoon, we spend time thinking and learning about the meaning behind children in need and what how we were helping others.