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Thursday 28th January

27 Jan 2021


I hope you are all well and ready for today's learning.  You've done some brilliant work again this week!

Here are the tasks for today:
10.30   Teams call Year 1   
11.00   Teams call Year 2 


Drawing Competition

Collective Worship  see the  Enrichment page under News and Events

Work to send in 
Today, please could you send your entry for the drawing competition. Please see the details below.

Please spend at least 20 minutes each day on reading or sharing a book with an adult. 
If you have finished your school reading book, you can read books that you have at home or access books online. 
Please see https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/  Free ebooks

Year 2 – Don’t forget to do an AR quiz when you have finished your reading book.   https://ukhosted79.renlearn.co.uk/6706937/

Here is today's book for sharing:  

Click on the picture to start the video.


Teams Calls - Year 1 at 10.30 and Year 2 at 11.00   
I'm  looking forward to seeing you on our video call. 
If you like, you can bring along your favourite hat today. Let's see if we have as many hats as the hatseller in the 'Monkeys and Hats' story!


We will be thinking about the 'Monkeys and Hats'  story again.   
Today, you are going to be the storytellers.  

Our Learning Intention is :  To tell a story from memory

Lesson 2:    https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-tell-a-story-from-memory-cmt62t?activity=video&step=1

You are going to draw nine pictures to map out the story.  Then retell the story, using your pictures to help you. I hope you have fun telling the story to someone at your house!

Spelling and Phonics
Please practise this week's spellings.  Fill in the words on the spelling log for Day 4.
(You could also write some sentences using some of the words)

username: jan21   password: home

Year 1 -
  Challenge yourself with phase 5 words on Buried Treasure 
               Click on the link   

Year 2 - Have a go at this Phase 6 game: 
Click on this link  https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/6/tumbling-tumbleweeds


Parents, here are some resources that the children might find useful when working on their maths activities:
100 square                 
0-100 number line    

Year 1-   Counting forwards and backwards within 50
Year 2 -  
Divide by 2

Year 1 - Watch the video and then complete the questions on the sheet. 
Work on the questons for  twenty minutes and see how far you get

Spr1.5.3 - Counting forwards and backwards within 50 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Year One 

Answers   :  -Y1-Spring-Block-2-ANS-Count-forwards-and-backwards-within-50.pdf-   
Children, please remember, to do your corrections with a purple pen, like you do at school, to show that you made a mistake but you have checked it.

Year 2 - Watch the video then complete the questions on the sheet.
Work on the questons for  twenty minutes and see how far you get.

Spr2.4.1 - Divide by 2 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Year 2

Answers:     -Y2-Spring-Block-1-ANS3-Divide-by-2-2019.pdf-  

Children, please remember, to do your corrections with a purple pen, like you do at school, to show that you made a mistake but you have checked it.

Maths Challenge Question:   
How about a challenge if you've finished your maths work?!



When you have finished , you can check your answers with an adult.
(Parents, answers at the bottom of this page)

Today, I would also like you to log into Sumdog maths for fifteen minutes.     
Click on this link to sign in, then add your password: https://www.sumdog.com/ 
Play the games to practise your knowledge of number facts and to help you speed up with your instant recall facts..  

Science - Everyday Materials and Their Uses
Today, we’re going to  be exploring materials that float and sink.  We're going to do an experiment!

The science skill that we are using today is testing.  We are comparing materials to see if they float or sink. 

So today's science character is 'Supergirl'. 
She is the character who does testing and experiments

Our Learning Intention is:   Can I carry out an experiment to see which materials float and sink?

Here's the link for Lesson 3:

Key words to remember:
Absorbant -   Materials that can 'soak up'
Waterproof - Materials that keep liquids out

 If you want to do the experiment, you will need:

 If you don't have these things, you can watch the presenter doing the experiment. 

Here is the table that you will need to record the results. (You can draw it into your book or print this one)

-Floating and Sinking Experiment.docx-  

Drawing Competition:  Can you design a new Olympic Mascot?

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are planned to begin in July 2021.  We have been invited to take part in a competition, by Harrogate Schools Sports Partnership.

The challenge is to design a new Olympic mascot. If you click on this link, you can get some ideas by looking at the mascots from other years:


Each school that is taking part in the Olympic countdown has been allocated a country to represent.  Fountains has been allocated China, so try to link your design to China.
Please draw a picture of your new mascot, and colour it in using whatever resources you have at home.
If you would like to take part, design your mascot today and send it to me, so that it can be entered into the competition.


For your exercise today, you could go outside, or how about joining yesterday's PE session with Joe Wicks? 

Also see the Travel to Tokyo challenge on the News Page of the website.
I wonder how many miles you can collect? 

Thankyou for working so hard on your activities.  I have enjoyed looking at the work that has been sent in this week.
Please let me know if you have any worries or if there is anything I can help you with. 

Mrs Lewis will be with you tomorrow and she is looking forward to seeing you all on teams.  Work hard and try your best.  I'll be back with you on Monday. 
Take care and try to be helpful at home. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Micklefield

Answer to today's challenge.

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