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Class 2 - Monday 11th January

10 Jan 2021

Good Morning Class 2! 
It's good to be back with you.  Mrs Lewis was very pleased that so many of you joined the video call on Friday and she enjoyed looking at the lovely Creation pictures that were sent in.

Teams Calls - 
Year 1 at 10.30 and Year 2 at 11.00   
I look forward to seeing you on our video call later.  Today, I am going to do two  calls. 
One for Year 1 - 10.30 and another for Year 2 - 11.00.  By having two calls, there will be less people on each one, so you will have more of a chance to speak!

When I ring, you just need to press 'Join'.   If the call has already started, press 'Join.'  As there will be a lot of us altogether, it's important that you listen carefully. Remember to press the 'mute' button when you join, then 'unmute it when you are speaking.  Don't worry if you can't join or you have a problem accessing the Teams site - just carry on completing the work from this page.  

Printing work ahead of the lesson - 

Where there is an activity that could be printed for the children write on, the links are hightlighted in pale blue to help you to pick out the tasks for printing, prior to the lesson.  If you are not able to print sheets, it's fine for the children to look at the activity on the screen, then write the answers in their book.  

Work to send in 
Each day, I will choose one piece of work or activity that I would like you to send to me.

You can take a photograph or scan the work, then send it to me  -
Try your best with all the activities and keep your work neat and tidy.  Please keep all your work together in your book or a folder and write the date on each piece of work.

Today, it would be lovely to see a photograph of you working on one of the Forest Schools activities.  

Here are  the next sets of spelling rules for you to work on during this week.
1.  Please have a look at the information on the  powerpoint presentation about your spellings. Links in the box below.
Open the powerpoint into 'Slideshow' to enable the  interactive activities to work, then click to move through the stages in each slide.
2. Look at the spelling list log and write the words for Day 1.
3.  In your book, please write three sentences.  Each sentence must have at least one word from your spelling list.
    Underline the words that are from your list.  Don't forget the capital letter and full stop.   Please write the date.
            Monday 11th January         

Year 1 :  My car is red.   or  I went to the park in the car.
Year 2:   I have written three sentences.   or   wren is a type of bird.

4.  Also, I would like you to practise your handwriting skills.  Open the document to see the handwriting joins for each of your words.
You can print the page or look at the words on your screen then copy them into your book.    There are left or right handed versions.
 5. This week, there are also wordsearches for both year groups and a true/false activity for year 1.
Year 1 – Words with the digraph ‘ar’.  Vowel digraphs.  These are groups of two letters – at least one of which is a vowel – that make a single sound, for example, the letters ar in the word 'park'

Please click on the links to open the documents: 
 -Year 1 ar spellings presentation.ppt-  

  -Y1 ar spelling log-.doc-  

  -Y1 ar words Handwriting Left hand.pdf- 
or   -Y1 ar words Handwriting Right Hand.pdf-  

  -True or False Activity.pdf-  

-Word Search.pdf-  
Year 2 – Words spelt ‘wr’ sounding like ‘r’

 -Y 2 wr sounds like r presentation.ppt-   

  -Year 2 spelling log wr sounds like r.doc-  

-Y2 Handwriting Left Handed wr.pdf-   or   -Y2 Handwriting Right hand - wr.pdf-  

-Y2 Wordsearch wr sounds like r.pdf-  
Where there is an activity that could be printed for the children, the link is highlighted blue.
Today, we are going to share some online lessons again.  There is one for each year group, so make sure you join the right one.   Press the arrow to start.  You can stop the video if you need more time to work out the answers. 

Year 1- Add ones using number bonds 
Year 2 - Add equal groups.
Year 1 - Watch the video and complete the questions on the sheet.

Spring1.2.3 - Add ones using number bonds from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Here are some questions for Year 1.   Please work on these questions for twenty minutes and see how far you get.  
You can print the sheet or write the answers in your book.


Parents - here are the answers:    -Y1-Spring-Block-1-ANS-Add-ones-using-number-bonds-V316270735.pdf-  

Year 2 - Watch the video then complete the questions on the sheet.

Spr2.1.3 - Add equal groups from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


Parent, here are the answers:    -Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS3-Add-equal-groups-2019.pdf-  

Please spend at least 20 minutes each day on reading or sharing a book with an adult. 
If you have finished your school reading book, you can read books that you have at home or access books online. 
Please see  Free ebooks

Year 2 – Don’t forget to do an AR quiz when you have finished your reading book.

Here is today's book for sharing:
Click on the picture to start


Forest School Activities

I know that you were all looking forward to doing the Forest Schools sessions on Mondays this term. 
So today, you might like to go outside and enjoy doing some outdoor activities.    

Following on from today's sharing book, you might like to make a bird feeder, to put outside for the birds. 
Please see:
When you are going outside, make sure you wrap up warm and put your wellies on! 
You could go for a walk with an adult or you might prefer to stay in your garden.
Here are some activities that you could do:
  • Can you spot some of the signs of Winter? 
  • Enjoy running around and exercising your body!  Can you do twenty star- jumps?  Can you hop on one leg ten times, then change to hop on the other leg?
  • Maybe you could create an mini obstacle course.
  • Use objects outside to make shapes:  Can you make a triangle out of little stones or a square using twigs.  Maybe you could write numbers and letters using objects that you find outside.

Collective Worship  Please see the Enrichment page for our daily collective worship. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with your outdoor activities today!

Please let me know if you have any worries or if there is anything I can help you with. 

Take care.

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