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Tuesday 19th January

16 Jan 2021

Good morning Class 1!

I hope you had a great day yesterday, thank you for the work that you have sent in. yes 

If you would like to start your Tuesday with a song, Sing Up are continuing the live sessions at 9am with a #FeelgoodFifteen minutes of singing and musical fun to wake you up and get you ready for a day of learning. Here is the link if you would like to join in:
Sing Up at Home | Sing Up 

Here are your activities for today:
 forget, we will be having our usual catch up at 9.30am. Today you will need to bring some play dough and a whiteboard and pensmiley


Please work through the PowerPoint for our phonic session today.

  -tuesday phonics-V316963360.pptx-  



The Noisy House
Day 2 – Today we are going to draw a story map.

You will find the lesson video in TEAMs  - it should appear on the ‘post’ thread but if you have any problems, please let me know.


Please see below todays video for maths. Today we are continuing to find number bonds
Session 4


If you would like a challenge, can you choose a different number of objects up to 10. Can you record the number sentences you find


Understanding the World

Last week we talked about different toys and looked at comparing old and new. Can you remember how we compared old and new toys?
Watch this episode of Maddie’s Do you know – Series 1 episode 21. In this episode she looks at how a toy train pulls its carriages and how a teddy bear is made.
After watching this I would like you to see if you can make a list of toys, what they are made from and an interesting fact about them. I have made an example sheet for you to use or you can make your own version.

  -Toys information sheet.docx-  
Have a great day!
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