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CLASS 1 Wednesday 25th March

RHebblewhite - 24 Mar 2020

Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Class One. I hope that you are all having fun with Mummy and Daddy. Hooray! it's another sunny day! Have you been out for a walk or been on a bike ride? I wonder what Fred The Ted and Boris have been up to! I missed you all yesterday and I can't wait to see some of the lovely work that you have been doing, which you can share via EvidenceMe. 

Some of you have already shared some of your children's work on EvidenceMe, which I really enjoyed seeing and has given me a chance to pass on my 'well dones' to the children! (and yourselves!). Please keep sharing!! I will send my feedback via the 'Notes' sections of your child's observation.

Here are your jobs for today:

(Don't forget P.E with Joe Wicks at 9.00a.m. Live on YouTube Monday - Friday!)
Here's another fun song and dance that Croccy and I really enjoyed doing together!



  • Practise your sounds in your soundbook. I have stuck in the children's sounds up until June. Please practise up until our most recent sound 'ow' and look at our new sound 'oi'. For a challenge, you could write the sounds down on a piece of paper and ask your child to read the sound without a picture prompt or if they are secure with their sounds, they can write one word with each sound in.
  • Practise your 'plastic name' (the laminated name that I sent home last week), or practise writing your name on a line - see if you can keep all of your letters the same size. Remember to.....
Start At The Top Song 
  • We are learning a new sound today, 'oi'. Watch this short  'Alphablocks' clip. Can you robot-talk 'coin', 'soil', 'boil', 'foil'?
  • Go to the Phonics Play website and play 'Buried Treasure' to practise our new sound 'oi', which is a 'Phase 3' sound. The webiste is free to use, with the Username 'march20' and password, 'home'. Here are some instructions:

Click on: Resources/Phase3/Buried Treasure/3/Phase 3/set 1-7+oi. 

You could also go back and practise set 1-7, plus any previous digraphs from the children's soundbook, that you feel they need to consolidate.


  • Can you remember the names of our four 2D shapes? Can you remember the words we use to describe them? (straight edges, curved edges, corners), do you know how many corners each shape has? 
  • Play "I'm thinking of a shape.. This time draw your shape, hide it from your grown-up and give them clues to guess what you have drawn. Take turns.
  • Today we are going to learn some 3D shapes: Cube, cuboid, sphere, cone and cylinder. Can you find an example of one of each in your home? A felt tip/lollypop stick/pringle box is a good example of a cylinder or even a toilet roll! (explaining that it would need two more circles to become a proper cylinder). 
  • 3D shapes have 'faces'! Which shapes are hiding on their faces? Which 3D shape has the most faces? Which one has one 'curved surface' and no faces? Which shapes are easiest to stack? Which shapes can you roll?
  • Build a junk model to play with, using our new 3D shapes. 
At the end of every week I would like to show-case some of the children's achievements and I would also like the opportunity to give the children some feedback. Perhaps you would like to upload a photo of a piece of writing, a Maths activity and a project that your child has been particularly proud of onto EvidenceMe at the end of each week. I will then feedback to the children and display some of their work on the webpage each Monday. 


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to gain a better understanding of their own family. Learning may focus on what different makeup of families, what traditions your family has, stories linked to your family etc.
  • Look at a selection of family photographs and discuss the changes over time.
    • Show your child a photograph of them as a baby, a 1 year old, a 2 year old. What could they do at that age? What can they do now that they couldn’t do then?
    • Look at a picture of a family member as a baby (this could be parents, siblings). Discuss how everyone was a baby once.
    • Are there any black and white photographs? Why are these photographs black and white? Do they show older family members when they were younger? Talk about how life was different then
  • Draw a family tree- How does your family link together? Can your child draw out their family members and link them together using lines?
  • Do a picture survey of the people in your house. How many family members have blonde/ brown/ black/ red hair? Can you record this with pictures? How many people have blue/ brown/ green eyes?
  • Have a family picnic. Lay out a blanket in the living room or garden. Can children make sure everyone has a plate, fork, spoon, cup? How many do we need all together? Give your child a selection of food and ask them to share it fairly between everyone? If there is one left over what could we do?
  • Sort out the clean clothes. Who do they belong to? Can they deliver them to the right place in the house? Pair up socks. Can they match the patterns/ colours? Can they count in twos to work out how many there are all together? Peg clothes on the airer (this will support children to develop hand strength which will impact on their writing).
  • Put on a show or performance- Perform a story or song to your family. Plan out costumes, props. Children could make a show program.
  • Lay the table for your family for dinner- How many people are there? How many knives, forks, cups do you need? Write out name cards for everyone in your family to show them where to sit. Write a menu to let them know what is for dinner that night. Roleplay as a waiter/ waitress. What would everyone like in their sandwiches for lunch? What drinks would everyone like to have with their dinner?
  • Make a birthday card for the next family birthday-  How old are they going to be? Can they write the numerals to show the correct age? Write a message inside for your family member and sign it with your name.
  • What jobs do the people in your family do? Talk to your child about your job and what you do. What would they like to be when they grow up? Can they draw a picture of themselves in the job they would like to d
  • Use play dough to make your family members- Use ready made play dough or make your own using this recipe:
    • 2 cups of plain flour, one cup of salt, a tablespoon of oil, a cup of water (add gradually), a couple of drops of food colouring (optional), a teaspoon of cream of tartar (optional, but will make it last longer)
  • Play a family board game- Play a game together. Talk about taking it in turns and playing fairly. Dice games will support your child’s number recognition. You could use a spinner with numerals on to help develop numeral recognition. If you don’t have a spinner you could make one using an old cereal box and a split pin.
  • Find out everyone’s favourite song in your family- Listen to each person’s favourite song and make up a dance to match. Do you like the same music? What is your favourite song?
  • Additional learning resources parents may wish to engage with:
  • Classroom Secrets Learning Packs These packs are split into different year groups and include activities linked to reading, writing, maths and practical ideas you can do around the home.
    Twinkl - to access these resources click on the link and sign up using your own email address and creating your own password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS.
    Headteacherchat - This is a blog that has links to various learning platforms. Lots of these are free to access.
Have a lovely day today. I will be in touch again tomorrow. 

Take care and remember to look after one another,
Mrs Hebblewhite x

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