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Recent Competitions

Class 2’s Change for life event at Outwood

On Wednesday the 8th of March, Class 2 went to Outwood Academy in Ripon for a change for life event.  There were around 7 other schools participating.

When they got there, all of the schools met in a ginormous sports hall. There were lots of fun activities set up around the hall. Some of the pupils from Outwood were helping out with the activities. After a certain amount of time the participants would move on to another activity. There were loads of activities including: javelin, throw & catch games, football and basketball.

 We asked some of the children who went what they thought of it:

 “My favourite was the football game,” Emma Dickinson told us.

 “It was about P.E and we did lots of different activities. We did throwing and catching, rolling balls, football and basketball,” Rhys Cooper explained.

 “It was really fun!” Lexi Bassit exclaimed.

 In conclusion, Class 2 had a really great afternoon at Outwood.

 By Samuel Lewis & Eleanor Currass

Class 3 and 4’s dance session

On Thursday 16th February, Class 4 and 3 did a dance session with the School Sports Crew. We did 2 songs: Can’t stop the feeling (by Justin Timberlake) with Class 4 and Sax (by Fleur East) with Class 3. Here is what the pupils thought:

“The dance was really good and it was very tiring,” says Joshua Risbey (Class 3).

“I thought it was very fun. Sam was really good at picking the moves. I loved it!” Harvey Vincent (Class 4) told us.

Charlotte Oakley (Class 3) said, “I liked some of the moves we did. Next time I think we should take turns to do the moves like a Mexican wave.”

“It was good fun because we got to do lots of good moves,” replied Jasmine Bell (Class 4).

“The song choices were amazing and the dances were even better,” said Charlie Lock (member of the School Sports Crew).

Everyone loved the session, and the School Sports Crew hope to run another event again soon.

 Paralympic Sporting Festival

On Monday 3rd October 2016 Lucy and Molly went to Ripon Leisure Centre where they did a mini Paralympics. Lucy said, “We did some ball games and archery, I scored seven points.” Molly said, “We tried archery, throw golf ball and Boccia” (a type of hoop game). They both had a great time!

  Class 3 archery event

On Thursday 22nd of September ks2 participated in a sporting event at Outwood academy, Ripon and class 3 did archery and class 4 did cycling .and this is about class 3.

We asked a couple of people what they thought about it:

“It was a bit tricky.” (Ruby Dent)

“It was fun and easy I would definitely go again.” (Lilly)

“I would love it to be harder next time.” (Olly)

“In the middle of hard and easy.” (Adam. S.)

“The leaders where nice and it was in the middle.” (Sophie)

There were three schools there Grewelthorpe came first and we came second and Bishop Thornton came last and some got wrist bands for honesty, self-belief, teamwork, determination, respect and passion.


 Class 4 cycling event

On Thursday the 22nd of September ks2 went to a sporting event at Outwood Academy in Ripon. Class 4 did cycling where there were lots of races for everyone. Fountains was the only school participating in the cycling event.

We asked a few people what they thought of it and here’s what they said:

 Fern Osman said “It was well organised and really fun.”

Evie Vincent said “I loved the biking, it was so fun.”

Rebecca Hitchen said “I loved it because there was lots of racing.”

Charlotte Green said “I loved it because it was my strong point.”

Phoebe Johnson said “I liked it because everyone took part and it was so fun.”

Bella Park said “It was fun.”

 At the end it was only our class there so obviously all the awards went to Fountains. The blue team (Cordelia Stone, Lucy Ward, Wiyanna Pickersgill, Evie Vincent &Jasmine Bell) won for the girls and the orange team (Charlie Lock, Owain Davies, Dylan Wilkes, Tobias Hall & Hugo Wade) won for the boys and overall Charlie Lock, Owain Davies, Dylan Wilkes, Ethan Roberts &Harvey Vincent won. The wristbands where given to 6 people for honesty, passion, respect, teamwork, determination & self belief. All in all we had a really good afternoon and really enjoyed ourselves.

By Eleanor Currass