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'An outstanding curriculum further underpins pupils' good progress'

Ofsted Report September 2010

Our policies cover all subjects in the National Curriculum and are reviewed every three years. We also have policies that cover every aspect of school life including Health and Safety, Admissions, Behaviour, Homework, Child Protection, Inclusion and many more.

Here is an extract from our Humanities Policy:


We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in humanities lessons. Our main aim is to develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of historical and geographical topics. We organise our humanities lessons that offer children opportunities to learn in different ways. These include:

  1. Whole class teaching.
  2. Group, paired or independent work. 
  3. Use of ICT resources. 
  4. Studying artefacts. 
  5. Research and explorative work. 
  6. Workshops. 
  7. Providing as many cross-curricular links as possible. 
  8. Fieldwork and educational visits (each class undertakes at least one educational visit per term which plays a vital part in enhancing their learning).

Our teaching is:

  1. Discursive
  2. Interactive 
  3. Well-paced 
  4. Confident 
  5. Ambitious


Humanities is planned to give children a suitable range of differentiated activities appropriate to their age and ability. Tasks will be set which challenge all children and extend the more able.

All policies are available on request. Please click here to view the following policies:

  1. Behaviour policy
  2. Child Protection policy 
  3. Assessment and Feedback policy
  4. English policy
  5. Humanities policy
  6. Music policy
  7. Maths policy
  8. Punctuality policy
  9. Spirituality policy
  10. Art policy
  11. Collective Worship policy
  12. PE policy
  13. ICT policy
  14. Sex and Relationships Education policy
  15. EYFS and Ks1 Learning outdoors policy
  16. Learning outside the classroom policy
  17. Learning through teaching policy
  18. Science policy
  19. RE Policy
  20. Head Lice Policy
  21. Charging and Remissions Policy
  22. SEN
  23. School Offer2
  24. Inclusion
  25. Accessibility Plan
  26. Homework Policy
  27. Anti-radicalisation Policy
  28. Use of Digital and Video Images Policy
  29. Publication Scheme
  30. School Information Policy
  31. Educational Visits Policy
  32. Medical conditions Policy
  33. Epilepsy Policy

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