Welcome to the Fountains Family

Where Curiosity and Creativity, Spirituality and Excitement, Reflection and Responsibility are the Foundations of Learning.

Meet the Team

'A belief in the school's success and potential for excellence is palpable, fuelled by senior leaders' and managers' drive and ambition.'


'...the result is a highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching team..'

Ofsted report 2010


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These are the staff who work in our school.
Mrs Pemberton

Miss Barker
Mrs Micklefield
Miss Wray

Miss Rogers

Office Manager
Mrs Driffield
(The office is in the main entrance).
Other people who work in our school are:-

Teaching Support and Helpers in the classroom
Mrs Brammah
Mrs Chapman
Mrs Wicks
Mrs Cartwright 

Mrs Hemmingway

Mrs Frankland

Mrs Nelson
Mrs Stoney

Mr Stokes

Dinner Time Supervisors
Mrs Wray

Mrs Metcalf 

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