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Where Curiosity and Creativity, Spirituality and Excitement, Reflection and Responsibility are the Foundations of Learning.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum we provide at Fountains aims to be broad and balanced. We continually seek to improve the outcomes for our pupils and we believe that a relevant, modern curriculum, high quality teaching and guidance and support together can achieve this.
ASSESSMENT: Parents requested copies of the assessment trackers for Reading, writing and maths that help us to determine what levels the children are working at. So here they are!

Maths tracker


Reading tracker

Writing tracker
Our core aim is to create successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We deliver an enquiry-led, skills-based curriculum.


A new curriculum will be introduced in 2014. When we have more details we will hold meetings with parents informing them of changes and implications.

We recognise that it is essential for our children to be fluent in literacy, numeracy and ICT. We need to provide opportunities for our children to develop their learning and thinking skills and to make sure their personal development (in accordance with the Every Child Matters outcomes) is continually progressing.
In order to be successful learners we look carefully at the areas of learning we are including in any theme we may be planning. As well as numeracy and literacy, we look at key areas of science, history, geography and the arts.

In order to be confident individuals, we look at for example, links to enterprise. In order to become responsible citizens, we link our themes to the environment; we look at spiritual and moral issues and we look at either our local community or the wider, global community.

How else do we enrich our curriculum?

Successful Learners and Confident Individuals

• In addition to the music curriculum provided in school, our children get the opportunity to learn a variety of musical instruments, taught by members of the Music Service. Instruments include keyboards, guitar, flute, brass, violin, and recorder. We encourage our musicians to play to the school at the beginning and end of assemblies.

• In addition to our PE curriculum, children have the opportunity to attend after school sports clubs that include badminton, volley ball, athletics, football, tag rugby and netball.

• Learning Passports – each child has a learning passport that they refer to thoughout their school career at Fountains. They are encouraged to develop their relationship skills, their resilience, and their ability to take risk, their resourcefulness and their reflective skills. They progress through bronze, silver and gold awards and opportunities to develop these skills is planned into lessons. These have been revised to include ‘Secrets of Success’ which also help children to focus on learning to learn.
Click here for an extract from our latest Learning Passports
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• Smart Skills Slot – every Friday at 11.00am the whole school is grouped into four mixed aged groups and they go to four different zones in the school. They spend two weeks in each zone and move to the next one. The zones were designed to give children the opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills, handwriting skills, singing skills, debating skills, ICT and reasoning skills. We occasionally swap the zones for other areas to include drama, philosophy and life skill. At the moment, the four zones are Computer skills, Debating and Barrier games, Write dance and calligraphy and Kodaly Music. This will begin again in the Spring Term.

Responsible Citizens

• Global Links – we currently link with a school in Rwanda and are hoping to establish links with a school in S Africa. Our Year 5 and 6 children exchange letters and photos and we hope to develop this by sharing themes such as ‘What’s in your lunchbox?’ and providing our children with opportunities to share similarities and celebrate differences with their global friends.

• We hold Family services in our local church in the nearby village of Sawley once a month and at least three times a year we hold services in school. We adopt a ‘hands-on/workshop’ approach to the services and encourage the local community, adults and children to take part.

• The Fountain Pen – last term our pupils launched a newsheet packed with articles and photographs about what had been happening in school. We have lots of enthusiastic reporters who are willing to work through their breaktimes to meet deadlines! Look out for a copy in the entrance area


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